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for an initial consultation
on your project.


Zero Base Study
A Comprehensive study of competitive products to determine an easily observable better value for products you should build.

Review Of Existing Products
Combining value engineering and an accute sense of what are essential features for your target market.  A review of existing product offering can provide a refreshed line of homes for your potential buyers.

New Product Design
Starting with a blank sheet of paper, this approach analysizes ever component of the product including price, size, contents, options, construction methods, and best presentation practices.

Assisting with specific aspects of your project can produce the synergy that elevates the results beyond expectations. Analysis of competitive products, review of current product designs, examining construction practices and presentation methods, are aimed at refining ways to save on costs while improving the easily observable value of your finished product.    

Whether it is the realization of a dream for the individual owner, or the fulfillment of a master plan for a developer or builder, Cardillo Design Associates can complement your project team by applying residential design experience, gained on a national level, to your specific program. Cardillo Design Associates is dedicated to achieving your objectives through innovated design and highest professional standards.

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